Producer Dropping Files

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Producer Dropping Files

Post by franks »

I am not sure what is happening.

I make a new karaoke song with Producer and I save data base before quitting Producer.

Next, I play the new song from the kjams library and it plays great!
All the templates and graphics are there and every thing is good!

Now I shut my computer down and the next day I try to play the same song from the library and.......there is no clean startup.

It gives message "Converting media stream" followed by "no template found".

I checked folder in kjams where all my graphics are located and they are all there.

Checked library for templates looks like some are missing.

I have to start over again. I remove song from library and re-import KTP file.; then open Producer and repeat process.

Then the same story happens.

I must be missing a step somwhere... need help

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Re: Producer Dropping Files

Post by dave »

this is not something that can be solved in the forums. please contact me directly.

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