Karaoke Disks

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Karaoke Disks

Post by HowardBrazee »

Someone wanted to buy some Disney music Karaoke disks to me. I told her to look for "CD-G", but she didn't see that mentioned, only "CD".

I strongly suspect that a disk that lists a song twice, once followed by "(Instrumental)", that the Instrumenatal version of that song is CD-G and can be loaded into kJams.

But I wonder if a CD that has "Karaoke" on its cover is compatible.

Should I say, just go ahead and buy any disks that say "Karaoke" on it?

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Re: Karaoke Disks

Post by dave »

I'd only trust it if it said "CD+G" on it. In my experience, "Karaoke" doesn't mean "CD+G", when printed on a CD.

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