mac: why is red "close window" dot grayed out?

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mac: why is red "close window" dot grayed out?

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Oh, and why is it that with both versions of kJams, I don't have a red "close" button (it's greyed out), just yellow and green buttons? In kJams 2 64, sometimes there's a dot in the grey button. No problem, command-Q works fine to quit kJams.

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Re: Adding first singer, song starts to sing.

Post by dave »

clicking the red dot would effectively close (quit) kJams. i disabled the red dot because it's un-mac-like to quit an app by closing its main window.

if you need to not see the main window, you can "minimize" it, which is what the yellow dot is for.

there's a dot inside the red dot to indicate when the database is dirty (about to be saved). the dot-in-dot goes away when the database has saved itself to disk.
on windows, an asterisk in the window title indicates the same thing.

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