Long Dash – in name parser Template

Feel free to post bug reports here. I need exact, detailed steps showing me how I can re-create the bug on my machine, so give as much info and detail as possible.
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Long Dash – in name parser Template

Post by karaokeniagara »

not sure if this is a bug or I am missing something in editing the song conform.

but I have set the name parser Template to show L-T - R - S To display my file name as Disk-track - Artist - Songtitle
(Notice the Shorter normal - )

But for some crazy reason after I edit a songname in kjams everything changes to a longer –

and when I use the longer dash names in another program and try to add meta info. Results in Bad Zip.

My question is... what do I need to do to get rid of the long – ?

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Re: Long Dash – in name parser Template

Post by dave »

a long dash is NOT a delimiter, so you could use it for "Olyvia Newton–John" for example, and in the file system you'd get a real, long-dash. so if you ever re-interpreted using L-T-R-S, it would put the entire artist name in the correct field and not split it.

if you EDIT any field in kJams, any dash you enter is turned into a long-dash, to PREVENT it from being saved on disk as a regular dash, which will be interpreted as a delimiter.

you're basically not allowed to use dashes in any editing, because a dash is a delimiter.

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