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Feel free to post bug reports here. I need exact, detailed steps showing me how I can re-create the bug on my machine, so give as much info and detail as possible.
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Rename or Edit

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MacBook Pro M1 Max running kJams2 64bit V. 2.1b75r1
When editing song details using Command-i, one song at time seems ok, but when I select a group of songs, not so good. When the edit is made and I hit Return or select Ok, the program immediately takes me back to the top of the list, making it difficult to carry on edits in the sorted list.

It would be extremely helpful the action did not make the window revert back to the top of the list, or if there were a command to take the list back to the selected song(s) immediately.

Also, when these edits are made, often they do not show in the list as changed (although if I look using Command-i again, the changes are there).

If I quit kJams and come back, they are then changed.

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Re: Rename or Edit

Post by dave »

thanks for the report. i'll put it on my (long) list.

when kJams auto-scrolls to the top of the list, try hitting "down arrow key" on the keyboard. that MIGHT take you one song PAST the end of your selection.
also make SURE that, before you get info, that you're sorted by "PLI" or "Song ID", and NOT something like name, artist, album etc. you don't want to be sorted BY something you're changing, else you change it out from under yourself.

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