Crash during show constantly

Feel free to post bug reports here. I need exact, detailed steps showing me how I can re-create the bug on my machine, so give as much info and detail as possible.
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Crash during show constantly

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Dave, I kept getting this message and had to restart kJams. It comes up when I try to type in a singers name in my venue.

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Re: Crash during show constantly

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dang. okay well, i'll make note of that. i'm so sorry it's so buggy right now :(
Make sure you're on the very latest update.

I totally understand if you're super frustrated with it, and my lack of progress. My life has been on hold for months now, with more to come, unfortunately. I'm chipping a way little bits at a time on fixing things, but as you probably know it's very slow going.

Meanwhile: can you zip and send me your library?
please avoid sending me the [Backups] folder(s), they're not necessary

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