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Is kJams missing a feature you need? Post it here! Note: if iTunes has it but kJams doesn't, it's a good bet kJams will have it, but that I just haven't gotten around to it yet. But go ahead and request it anyway!
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Insert a song

Post by HowardBrazee »

I was running a karaoke session (using 2.1b60) 64-bit, and someone's song was top of rotation when I had a demand to play "Happy Birthday". I found it in the library, but couldn't play it. I suppose I could have closed kJams and opened it, then played it. But is there an easy way to play it?

Or is that a new feature that I'm asking for?

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Re: Insert a song

Post by dave »

in that case, just stop the rotation (command period, or escape, or press the stop button), then go to the song in the library and double click it

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