Drag track to kJR (easy)

Is kJams missing a feature you need? Post it here! Note: if iTunes has it but kJams doesn't, it's a good bet kJams will have it, but that I just haven't gotten around to it yet. But go ahead and request it anyway!
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Drag track to kJR (easy)

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As an intermediary between standard rotation and the new "manual rotation", it might be useful as a UI paradigm to help people struggling to make the transition from other apps that have a song focused input approach, to allow songs from the library to be dragged to the kJR (and Rotation) playlist. This would just bring up the "Add to Singer" pop up populated just like it is in the context menu when you right-click on a track directly.
Autocomplete might be nice, here, too.
This would allow those who are still set in their old school playlist of tracks mentality to still use the kJR, but using the exact same methodologies they may be currently using in other apps.

This might help some to use the app to its fullest extent.

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Re: Drag track to kJR (easy)

Post by dave »

another excellent idea

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