Showscreen crossfade/fade to black

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Showscreen crossfade/fade to black

Post by DeusExMachina »

As it is currently implemented, when one ShowScreen is up and you cue and launch another, it first crossfades to the current underlying video screen, then crossfades from there to the new ShowScreen.
It would be nice if there was the option to instead fade to black instead. Or, better yet, to have the option to crossfade as it is currently implement when a track is playing, but crossfade to black when one is not.
In prefs, this would be a two tier pref with the top level being a checkbox for "crossfade to black", and a sub pref checkbox for "only when track is stopped". Or some such.
This would have the effect that when a track was playing, it allows the track to show through momentarily, giving more cue information to see if, say, an instrumental break was over, but when stopped, would keep the Rotation, or beginning of the next track from showing between screens, as this is totally irrelevant. and distracting in this context.
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Re: Showscreen crossfade/fade to black

Post by dave »

a fine idea, as it is. not sure how soon i could get to something like that.

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