Upgrade to which applications folder

Is kJams missing a feature you need? Post it here! Note: if iTunes has it but kJams doesn't, it's a good bet kJams will have it, but that I just haven't gotten around to it yet. But go ahead and request it anyway!
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Upgrade to which applications folder

Post by HowardBrazee »

Someday, after all of the other stuff is done, it would be nice if the installation program would install updates in the same application folder that the existing kJams is installed in. On my wife's iMac, I have a login which I want to be my emergency logon. I have kJams in the user's application folder, not in the computer's application folder. So I run the upgrade then move the new kJams to the proper folder.

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Re: Upgrade to which applications folder

Post by dave »

yeah, that'd be nice but not possible given Apple's security restrictions.

macOS already requires that the user do the actual drag-install, so they can answer any security prompts, there's no easy way to 'run an installer' to get it to put it where the previous copy was. at least not without tons of new code and a new installer app that there's frankly very little chance i'd have the time to write.

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