Activity Window not Persistent

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Activity Window not Persistent

Post by BlackJack86 »

Loaded new 64bit on my MacBook Pro M1, and the Activity Window opens to show activity but immediately closes after processing each file. Is there a way to make it Persistent (keep it open, as in my old 32 bit version)? This is so distracting and annoying.

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Re: Activity Window not Persistent

Post by HowardBrazee »

That doesn't happen to me. I did adjust my activity window a bit bigger than the default (and it remembers that size). On my Mac I can press Command-7 to open and close that window, except I always leave it open. Or I can just drag it open from the bottom of my main window. Did you try both of these?

When I started 64-bit, I didn't know where the activity window went and had to ask about it.

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Re: Activity Window not Persistent

Post by dave »


go to kjams->preferences->advanced
set the "maximum visible activites" to zero

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