After update kJams won't open

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After update kJams won't open

Post by Taebo369 »

kJams was working fine before the update last week
I have tried erasing and re installing both the Jams 2 and Pro 64 bit to see if any will work and nothing happens after.
It opens and just hangs there, never opens to the kJams screen
All my music files are still there
I am running macOS Catalina version 10.15.7
Please help

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Re: After update Kjams won't open

Post by dave »

Oh shit i am SO sorry about this :( I only discovered after it was too late, that the latest build of kJams x64 only runs on macOS 11 or later :(

There is no way for me to create a build now that runs on macOS 10 :(

the only thing you can do if you're stuck on macOS 10 is to run kJams x.1b69. Here is how to downgrade.

But then you're stuck on an old version, which i can't do tech support for. Better to upgrade to macOS 11. If your mac can't support that, you'll need to get a newer computer.

Again I'm REALLY sorry about that. Technology marches on, and sometimes even I get the rug pulled out from under me.

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