I should always have a copy OS

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I should always have a copy OS

Post by HowardBrazee »

I should always have a copy of a previous version of MacOS. Not just for kJams.

There were two issues with 12.3 on my M1 iMac that broke kJams. The first one took several days of David's hard work to work, when MacOS 12.3 stopped supporting some software that kJams depended upon.

The other issue is that "System Preferences/Display/Display" no longer finds my external displays. I will be working with Apple to resolve that issue, but wish I could boot to an earlier version.

I intend to buy a 2TB Thunderbolt drive and Carbon Copy Clone my drive to it. I can't afford to make it SSD, but it is for emergencies. It won't help now, as I haven't been able to downgrade from 12.3 to 12.2 on my main drive. But it will help in the future.

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Re: I should always have a copy OS

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good idea!

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