Gig pricing

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Gig pricing

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Just trying to get a feel if i am charging the right amount... I usually Charge 150 for a 4 hr set and 25 an hr after 4 is that to high or low.... most gigs are under a 30 min drive

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Re: Gig pricing

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I f you can consistently get that, than it seems fine.

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Re: Gig pricing

Post by Karanight »

I have two rates.

I have some kit built in to the venues I do, so, if I do a party at one of those venues I charge £140 for a 4 hour stint and then an extra £10 per hour after that (This is to cover the DJ's Wage and I make nothing on the extra)
If I'm wanted at a venue that I don't have kit built in I charge £170 and again an extra £10 per hour for anything over 4 hours
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