Mixer recommendation

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Mixer recommendation

Post by mcjimmy98 »

Hi everybody. I just got some wireless microphones "Audio2000 AWM6112" for Christmas. I am having the latency problem when piping into my mac laptop and out through hdmi to my tv, so am wondering if anyone can suggest a very minimal cost mixer for the output of karaoke music and microphones (with echo on mic channel only if possible) This is just for fun and by no means professional, so I would like to keep costs down. Thanks for your help!


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Re: Mixer recommendation

Post by DeusExMachina »

Any mic level mixer will work. I'd suggest just hitting up your local craigslist.

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Re: Mixer recommendation

Post by Brendan »

Take a look at this one, it does everything you need for home use. I have two of them and they are cheap, small easy to take to a friends house.


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Re: Mixer recommendation

Post by TCA »

Bit of a late reply but hope it goes on time.
Of course you won't be needing the mics on this as you have really good mics already but you could connect the outputs to this. And it has your desired echo effect. Doesn't get much more simple or cheaper than this :wink:

http://www.hifi-tower.co.uk/Skytec-Mini ... _i1891.htm

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