Mixer Recs?

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Jon Leggitt
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Mixer Recs?

Post by Jon Leggitt »

Mixers were part of a recent conversation in another forum topic, so I thought that I'd throw out this question:

Which mixer has the best vocal FX? I realize that some prefer a separate vocal processor, but for the sake of simplicity I'd prefer a mixer with on-board vocal FX. Anyone have any recommendations? Or particular models to avoid?


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Re: Mixer Recs?

Post by terryoke »

Mackie Carries a full line of mixers that have built in FX, I have an old DX12 I have been using for quite a while and it works great with the fx.

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Re: Mixer Recs?

Post by jfbiii »

I've been considering upgrading to a Mackie powered mixer with some built in compression capabilities. The PPM608 is what I've been considering.

The Peavy powered amp that I have is ok, but underpowered. The effects on it aren't really worth a mention.
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Re: Mixer Recs?

Post by tetzel »

Numark makes the C3FX. 5 channel DJ mixer, but you can use all 5 channels for mics, and the best part is that it has Alesis effects built in. Under $250

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Re: Mixer Recs?

Post by ronl1946 »

I use two mixers and I'm pretty picky because I do period tributes every now and again. I've found my Peavey mixer w/FX meets my needs nicely. The other is a smaller Alesis 8 w/FX that also works pretty well - I've found that it's mostly about practicing with the equipment and matching the FX to the setting.


DJ 5_0
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Re: Mixer Recs?

Post by DJ 5_0 »

I have the Numark Cs FX in my mobile setup and absolutely love it and the effects. Very stable and robust mixer.

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Re: Mixer Recs?

Post by dreben »

Hmmm, nobody mention "Yamaha 01V". The one you can have anything you've dream on!

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