$75 Netbook

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$75 Netbook

Post by aantix »

Granted, it runs Windows CE which is a shame, but they'd probably be OK for submitting requests to kJams.

http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid ... PID=404255

From the BensBargains.net comments :
I've mentioned my experience a few times; will again. I got a similar Augen model but with specs about double of this model, at about $85 recently. While this system certainly has its limitations, it also certainly has its uses. I got mine principally just to check LAN drops cheap enough not to worry about it disappearing at a job site. I soon found it useful enough to take to bed to read email and do light web surfing, because it is so easily held in one hand. It is perfectly adequate, #4, for anything most people might use a PC for on vacation, and comes loaded with a simple office suite that is sufficient for most uses one would reasonably attempt with this (even has Skype). And at hotels I no longer have to try to figure out how to hide a laptop in the toilet tank. You turn the thing on and... POOF! it is ON! Worked immediately and flawlessly on both wired LAN and Wifi. Offers three screen formats including a compact XP style and a CE style. In the CE style, the 'horrible user interface' is perfect for checking news etc with minimal distractions: sites optimized for this do not insert useless videos, so many ads, and blaring banners about Lindsey Lohan! Finally, the thing has a RESET button. I have not tried it - and the manual is, let us simply say, incomplete - but if it really resets everything ala kiosk-PC mode, I'd almost be ready to put CE on any of my PCs I don't use for rendering! An admitted limitation is that one cannot load software onto this, but that is not what it is for. Sooner or later something like this might appear with built in DVD drive etc and atom processor, but till that gets to be $85 I am very content with this gadget within a range of uses.

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Re: $75 Netbook

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The problem with CE is that is has zero support for mDNS, a/k/a Bon Jour. Instead WinCE uses MS' own home grown reconfigurable DNS host, Link Local Multicast Name Resolution, which is NOT compatible with mDNS, and so there is no way to easily use kJams server. You could use it if you know the local network address your subnet assigns to your laptop, and you enter it in directly, but as this can change every time you use the network, this can be a pain in the ass. FTR, no one, not even MS, uses LLMNR for anything!

That said, if you are ambitious, you might want to try this:
http://people.csail.mit.edu/cstawarz/mD ... nce.tar.gz

P.S., if you caught it, the pun above was unintentional!

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