WTD: 4 channel stereo mixer with effects

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WTD: 4 channel stereo mixer with effects

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OK, I'll start this out, to get the ball rolling.

Any one happen to have a spare 4 channel (or more) stereo mixer, with at least minimal effects, that they have lying around they want to sell? Was thinking of getting a backup to plug right into our sound system on the chance out powered mixer gives out.

Walmart has the (surprisingly) Behringer 6 channel for $59, which is great, but no FX. I anyone has one they want to sell, or maybe trade for some Samson mics (I have a bunch, including Wireless Studio 5H and R31s) brand new-in box. Or various computer parts (optical mice, HDMI cables, headsets, hard drive enclosures, all new, in-box.)

So let me know if anyone out there has something.

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