Mixer advice

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Mixer advice

Post by HowardBrazee »

I run a free karaoke session twice a month in the senior living apartment where I live. I have been using a mixer with two mike inputs and an input from my iMac. I use it to adjust volumes and every once in a while to add reverb to a couple of select songs.

But it used a mini-USB plug for power, which has been flaking out, requiring me to jiggle the cord, and now seems to be dead. I tried 3 different cords, but it won't power in.

I've Googled karaoke mixers but keep coming up with some around $150 or more.

What do you guys suggest that is affordable to someone who doesn't make any money doing karaoke?

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Re: Mixer advice

Post by dave »

i got myself a smallish Mackie mixer.

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