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Web Server

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Hi Dave, I am using an external router connected by ethernet for my xr12 digital mixer for my audio. My web access is through my wifi. The wifi is first and ethernet second in the network order. The web server is using the ip address from the router and not from the wifi network. This is fine if I hand out the actual wifi ip address to people to use WTKjams or the web login, however, it does not work when using the QR code because the QR code uses the ip address of the router. Is there a way to redirect or manually place the web address in KJams?

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Re: Web Server

Post by dave »

yeah, bummer, there isn't a way to tell kJams which NIC to use for display in the UI and QR code. It is supposed to take the FIRST one, not sure why it is taking the 2nd one. :(

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