Kjams 2 Shows

Just talk about kJams stuff with each other, describe things you did that worked, talk about your setup, anything that doesn't fit into the other forums!
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Kjams 2 Shows

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I've had Kjams 2 about one year now. We have some Samson speakers and a small board, wireless mikes and running it all with a Mac book Pro. All portable that we travel with . We've put on shows in rv parks, garages, patios, military bases, basements, lodges, the beach in Mexico. I'm guessing about 25 shows all told. We do it for free and for fun. Learning curve was easy for basic stuff, a little harder for the....... :P .....harder stuff in the kjams program. If I had a complaint it would be that the search engine is a bit slow, especially during a show but is still doable (Yes, I know the reason for that and its not that big of a deal.)

This is my first time posting on the forums. Just wanted, say Thanks Dave for the program and your support. We are pretty happy with Kjams 2 and have a ball with it.

(full disclaimer , don't know dave, never met him and he didn't pay me anything) :mrgreen:

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Re: Kjams 2 Shows

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