Tip for Server when using older MacOS versions

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Tip for Server when using older MacOS versions

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So, older machines running older MacOS versions have an annoying habit of losing their connection to the kJams server, and when the server page tries to reload, you get a server error. You can not simply reconnect, you have to kill your WiFi connection, quit the app, reestablish your WiFi connection, and then relaunch the app to get the server connection to relink.
One solution to this, of course, is to buy newer machines that can install OSes later than Snow Leopard (10.6)
But here is a hack that also appears to work, and lets you get some more use out of your older, cheaper hardware:
Go to System Preferences>Network>Advanced>TCP/IP and get your router's IP address
Launch Terminal app
Type in
ping <your router's IP address>

E.g., ping

This will continuously send data packets to your hardware and keep the connection alive.

You can increase the time between pings by using
ping -i <a number of seconds> <your router's IP address>

E.g., ping -i 120
will ping your hardware once every two minutes.

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Re: Tip for Server when using older MacOS versions

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