What do singers see with subscription services?

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What do singers see with subscription services?

Post by HowardBrazee » Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:37 am

When singers log on to the kJams server, they see their personal song lists and the Library.

I wish they could see other playlists such as "Christmas".

When we subscribe to a Music store, can they see what songs are available?

Also: kJams shows two music stores, Karaoke.net & KaraokeCloud. One of our residents wants to sing Jim Stafford's Wildwood Weed, which we found by Googling is in SingSnap, which appears to require a subscription service to access. Or maybe subscribers just share personal songs, it's not clear to me. How does that work for kJams users?

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Re: What do singers see with subscription services?

Post by dave » Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:26 pm

you asked this same question in another way, already, i'm not sure how you missed this.

singers do not SEE the Library (or music stores, or other playlists) when they log in. they SEE their own, personal lists: Tonight, Favorites, and History.

singers can SEARCH the Library and see "search results", but they can not see the library itself. there's a kindof workaround where if you search for "\*" (without the quotes): your "search results" will in fact be the contents of the Library, but this can take a LONG LONG time and can crash your device, which is why it's not broadly advertised.

something you may not know: in the store prefs panel, you can specify that all store songs (or subscribed songs) will actually appear in the Library playlist, so when a singer searches the Library, they will see songs available in the music stores in their "search results".

kJams does NOT integrate with web searching, since playing them is totally illegal in a public venue.

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