Equipment Advice - Mixer with Single Knob Compression?

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Equipment Advice - Mixer with Single Knob Compression?

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Having suffered a couple of screamers at my first ever show I've been told that a compressor would be the solution.

I'm currently borrowing a mixer and I'm shopping around for one myself. With some many knobs & faders to go wrong new appeals to me. The Behringer Xenix X2222USB has caught my eye as it has Single Knob Compression on each of the 8 Mic Channels. Before you say "I don't need such a big mixer" I'll also be using the mixer for hobby home recording where I'll have 4 Mics, 2 Guitars/Bass, Keyboards & Drums. Besides, I'm currently looking at an amazing offer of this mixer where it's cheaper than the X1832USB and only slightly more than the X1632USB.

My question is: Does anyone have experience of single knob compression in a Karaoke environment? Or would I be better off buying a cheaper secondhand mixer and picking up an external compressor on eBay? I'm really liking the idea of built in compressors, if they are fit for purpose.



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Re: Equipment Advice - Mixer with Single Knob Compression?

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I've been karaokeing now for over 10 years and I've never had the call for a compressor. I recently bought a Yamaha EMX5014C Powered Mix that has built in compressors and I still haven't used them. (the reason I bought the mixer was nothing to do with the compressor)
If you're getting a lot of feedback try to reduce the reverb and also try reducing the volume on the mic or music. Sometimes a singer will have a quite voice, you shouldn't try to compensate the weakness by turning the microphones up too much, by all means turn the mic up a little but also turn the music down and then the voice can be heard
If you get loud feedback turn the main volume down first and then reduce the mic
The biggest cause of feedback can be the reverb
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Re: Equipment Advice - Mixer with Single Knob Compression?

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The Yamaha EMX series is a good all purpose amp with built in compression, but you should be aware that if you turn compression up too high on that amp, it will actually cause the speakers to wail. Not sure why this is, but most likely due to some oddity in how they implemented their compression.
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Re: Equipment Advice - Mixer with Single Knob Compression?

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Mark -- never such a thing as too big a mixer for anything lol -- i use either my x32 or m32 every night, or even a Midas pro 1 or at a push pro 2 lol. i found the single compression knob on most mixers usually a waste of time -- best going external, or even better at the price point look at the behringer air series where you have a nice compact rack unit with up to 16 channels, with plenty of FX racks built inane proper channel dynamics (compression EQ and gates etc) at around the price you would pay for an analogue mixer. you get the added benefit of wireless iPad and laptop control of the mixer


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Re: Equipment Advice - Mixer with Single Knob Compression?

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