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List of Latest Changes

What My Plan Is

Okay what am i doing next?

I'm going to keep fixing bugs and release 1.0.1 updates in the same way i have always updated kJams, just about weekly, all for free, for life. Yep, i've got your back :)

Keep in mind however: NO NEW major FEATURES for 1.0.1

HOWEVER: i'm also starting to work on 2.0. Yes, you heard it right! Any new feature requests will have to go into 2.0

2.0 will be sold separately, basically you'll have to buy it if you want it. Existing users get a discount! Sorry, but I don't really know how else to fund it's development. Sadly, i'm not making the income i had hoped from the release of 1.0. (perhaps because all the news outlets are ignoring me?)

Also, I'm going to have to start charging for tech support services, sorry about that.

Headline 2.0 features (no promises)

After "1.0" release

  • Windows
    • Windows Media Video playback info
    • Microphone Input
  • 1 fix nav dialogs to honor flags (show only folders eg)
  • 2 drag images on XP
  • 3 GDI+ for all drawing
  • 3 Producer
  • done! ability to rip VCDs
  • done! messenger ABOVE showscreens
  • all LTRS template text edits should be a menu instead
  • all dates should be localized?
  • new structure to the "kJams" folder (consolidate all the spread out folder mess)
  • uber progress bar on ripping from CD, NEO+G, SuperCDG, BIN/CUE
  • uber progress on burn setup (so you can cancel it)
  • move activities to browser window, or "arrange / gather windows"
  • allow new singer to go N spots away from current singer, or before current singer
  • 2nd video window can always show rotation
  • call exchangefiles on the app during auto update
  • an on-screen indicator of current global slip, as well as pitch shift and tempo change
  • maybe: mark any playlist as "can be seen via server", new "get list of playlists" (include Rotation), include "last time sung"
  • more "rotation" smarts
  • ability to zip all songs in library that are not already zipped.
  • re-canonicalize the names (up folders) "Keep Library Folder Organized"
  • normalize audio
  • a zillion other things i've left out

Pokers In the Fire

This stuff is also "After 1.0"

  • "smooth as glass" quicktime playback, using QTKit (this will enable full 30fps playback even with both video windows open and set to maximumm size)
  • ability to QT Export any file type (midi, kar, mpeg)
  • auto update the Map whenever someone makes a purchase (parse purchase info, geocode for lat/lon, add to address book, update map data, upload map data). Update: I have written a nice applescript that can parse my email and extract a new address book entry, including geocoded lat/lon info. Neat!
  • FINALLY done! Wow this saves me like an hour each time i make a new release! auto-publish when I build a new version and invoke a script (export new vers.html file, zip lite and pro, upload lite and pro, upload vers file). Update: I now have all the parts I need for the workflow, just have to sew it all together now
  • full CDPedia support
  • 80% done: ability to cue two songs for cross fade (same as: ability to export QuickTime (or iPod) at the same time as playing some other song)
  • Allow a 'placeholder' track to be input into a singer's "Tonight" list, that includes the disc name and track number, and when it comes up, the dialog comes up, says "stick in the disc", to let it play direct from disc, automatically picking the right track. Alternately, allow KJ to drag a track from a CD into a playlist. then, eject disc. when that song is coming up next, put up a dialog that says "please stick that disc back in" and it'll go play it from disc, Alternately, rip the song when it gets drug from the CD into the singer's "Tonight"

Previous Versions